In the Puranic days Kings and even their consorts used to retire unto the forests and live in hermitages seeking enlightenment. Surviving on fruits and herbs they lived a life of Tapasya in pursuit of the higher truth. Life in the forests provided them the noble association of Rishis, its enchanting vista fostered calmness of mind, tranquility and bliss. Today the need for such an environment is more than ever before, considering the hastened and incomplete city lives we have long lived.

Tapovan is a life away from the palpitations of cities yet not too far away from the city, created amidst serene environs of lush greens, offering refreshing vistas of terrains and clouds. At Tapovan, from the air you breathe to the water you drink, everything is pristine. You dwell in a modern hermitage that has all the comforts of urban lifestyle. So, while you cherish your living comforts, the tranquil surrounding will keep your senses enlivened, and mind, sober and calm.

  • Salubrious climate all through the year
  • A picture perfect environment
  • Noise and pollution free surroundings
  • Secure gated community
  • An ideal drive away, located not too far from the city