Silence is bliss for the recluse while speech is merry for the socially reciprocal.

In joy and in grief, in knowledge and in quest for it, we converse. Living together, amidst a community of likeminded people, whose age, thoughts and wisdom are in harmony, creates space for sharing, empathizing and strolling the lanes of past with nimble words. Community living is a time-honored archetype of living. It fosters collective living, while ensuring ample breathing space for its denizens.

In ways many, Tapovan opens door for thought provoking communion.

Dine together. Cherish moments of togetherness. Subdue the mind. Realize the self. Sing the glories of God with hymns and chants, profuse with ecstatic mellows. Dedicate your time for plenty of reading. Engage yourself, sporting a favourite game.

Entertain yourself listening to music or watching television or just take a stroll through Tapovan’s well-lit, landscaped gardens and walkways, for an enchanting community living.

Filled with a sense of festivity, religious fervor and cultural pomp, yet redeemed of dependency, Tapovan is a life larger than family.

  • Central Kitchen and Dining Hall
  • Central Prayer and Meditation Hall
  • Reading Room and Library equipped with books, magazines and periodicals on a variety of topics.
  • Entertainment Hall, with state of the art Television and Sound Systems
  • Well lit landscaped gardens and walkways
  • Recreation room housing various indoor games